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Descrizione del progetto

Overview of the project

KIDERWIND is an open-source project which aims to harness the wind at high altitude in order to generate power. It is part of the Airborne Wind Energy (or High Altitude Wind Power) technologies which use the kinetic energy of high winds.

Recent studies have shown that there is the potential in the world's wind power to sustain global energy needs, as the winds at an altitude above 200 meters from the ground are stronger and more consistent than those lower to the ground. The AWE technology does not use a tower but tethered flying systems (like kites or gliders).

It's important that the potential of AWE doesn't remain in the hands of few companies like it is in the case of fossil fuel energy sources. Our proposal is to develop KIDERWIND so that these resources and knowledge can be shared among the global population in a more equitable way, ensuring access to energy to all people.

You can see here a video presentation of the AWE technology.

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